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I.     Переведите письменно существительные (1 - 10).

Выберите определения (aj), соответствующие существительным.

1) offer                                       a) a company or business, especially one which is quite small

2) firm                                                 b) an amount of money paid to a professional person or organization for their services

3) purchase                                          с) money that one person, organization, country etc owes to another

4) refund                                              d) a statement that you are willing to give someone something or do something for them

5) fee                                                    e) the act of buying something

6) loan                                                 f) money borrowed from a bank, person etc

7) debt                                                 g) a sum of money that is given back to you

8) corporation                                     h) a person, team, company that is competing with another

9) costs                                       i) a large company or group of companies acting together as a single organization

10) competitor                            j) the money that a business or an individual must regularly spend


Занесите свои ответы в таблицу:











II.    В следующих предложениях подчеркните определения, выраженные именем существительным, и переведите эти предложения на русский язык.

1.  Exchange rates are determined by supply and demand.

2.  Only about 5% of the world’s currency transactions are related to trade.

3.  The stock price will immediately rise.


III.  a) Выполните темы № 2, 4 в КОПР.

b) В следующих предложениях подчеркните глагол-сказуемое, определите его видо-временную форму и залог. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1.  Rents will be sufficient to cover costs.

2.  Successful companies are becoming market driven, adapting their products to fit customers’ requests.

3.   These measures were designed to strengthen the company’s market position.


IV. В следующих предложениях подчеркните модальный глагол или его эквивалент. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1.  Delays in construction could increase costs significantly.

2.  The carrier may exercise a lien on the cargo for the unpaid freight.

3.  Managers have to measure the performance of their staff.


V. В следующих предложениях  подчеркните Participle 1 и Participle 2. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1.  Workers have to be closely supervised and controlled, and told what to do.

2.  The electricity bill may be paid in cash or by cheque.

3.  The price of shares has risen heavily today.


VI. Прочитайте и устно переведите на русский язык весь текст. Перепишите и письменно переведите абзацы 2, 3.


1. Advertising informs consumers about the existence and benefits of products and services, and persuades  to buy them. Most companies use advertising agencies to produce their advertising. They give the agency a statement of the objectives of the advertising campaign and a budget. The agency creates advertisements (or ads), and develops a media plan specifying which media – newspapers, magazines, the Internet, radio, television, cinema, posters, mail, etc. – will be used and in which proportions.

2. It is always difficult to know how much to spend on advertising. Increased ad spending can increase sales, but many companies just spend a fixed percentage of current sales revenue, or simply spend as much as their competitors. On the other hand, lots of creative and expensive advertising campaigns, including television commercials that lots of people see and remember, and which win prizes awarded by the  advertising industry for the best ads, don’t lead to increased sales.

3. Advertising is considered to be important for launching new consumer products. Combined with sales promotions such as free samples, price reductions and competitions, advertising may generate the initial trial of a new product. But traditional advertising is expensive, it doesn’t always reach the target customers. This is why the best form of advertising has always been word-of-mouth advertising: people telling their friends about good products and services.


VII. Определите, являются ли приведенные ниже утверждения (1, 2, 3):

a) истинными (true)

b) ложными (false)

c) в тексте нет информации (no information)

1.  Advertising always reaches the target customers.

2.  Lots of creative and expensive advertising campaigns don’t lead to increased sales.

3.  Companies won’t use advertising in a few centuries.

Занесите свои ответы в таблицу:




VIII. Прочитайте абзац 1 (см. задание VI) и ответьте письменно на следующий вопрос:

What do most companies give to advertising agencies?